Tuesday, January 25, 2011


between 1998 and 2008 made the general stupidity of removing me from the path of the Lord. Been a Christian 15 years up to 28 years, I swerved in 2008 and now I'm going back to God. Every day I feel more the grace of God and the demons are coming back to worrying about my activities in the Kingdom of God.

Tonight, head out on another trip in SPIRIT and went to a place similar to the police station where I work, when someone close to me who was not supporting the presence of the Spirit of God dwelleth in me, began to express the devil possessed.

So knowing that I was causing trouble in the darkness, I presented myself as a servant of God and began to fight against that devil spiritually. The fight was so intense that it woke up at 3, 30 am, and almost choked up with much in the heart palpitations.

I went to the bathroom and I was meditating ... happy ... The clashes are becoming more intense, is a sign that I need to take more of Grace, because spiritual warfare is in the process of imminence


The presence of a Christian filled with the Holy Spirit, it bothers people who are possessed by demons. Once in Uruguay, the city of Melo, in 1990, spent the whole day fasting and praying, locked inside the Iglesia Cristiana Evangelical. The night I was going to preach, but the pastor who was Colombian and traditional line (not Pentecostals) did not like of my preaching and asked the chiefs of mission do not put me to preach among the 20 Brazilian missionaries who were on the team.

That night I was going to preach, so I dedicated myself so much. But the night, surprise, I could not preach, because the pastor did not want there. Who was seconded to give the sermon of the evening was a preacher of Campinas and he did not like the fact boycott me and after reading the Word (Acts of the Apostles, Chapter 2), then asked me to the pulpit.

I went up there, filled with the Holy Spirit and just raised my hand in the air. What a surprise I had, seeing 1 / 3 of the church fell to the ground moaning possessed by demons. The cult ended in uproar because the missionaries did not even know how to deal with it.

The head of the British mission (WEC_Internation) was the first to run away (lucky it was not possessed ...) So all I was asked to expel the demons, for a third church was demonized, another third ran off and left over are afraid.

As a lesson, I stepped off the pulpit and sat down. Causing further anger because I was not putting all of that mess. But my purpose was that they felt bitterly what a church is not dedicated to holiness, prayer and fasting: It's an easy target of demons. Worse still do not seek God's presence.

Pastor hardened his heart and not talk more than me during the next two weeks, not even looking at me.


On January 8, 2010, I was on site and night out for one more ride in spirit, whose memory comes in the form of dream.

I was in the area of prostitution, and Santos was with my sister Valdirene. I talked to her about the danger of walking through that region. We watched as we walked several strange creatures leaning against the walls and on the street, had monstrous appearances. At the corner of Avenida João Pessoa had three hideous creatures. One was muscular and wanted to attack the one that was weaker. We went away from them, but the third creature with a kind of pipe, blew a dart that hit my neck. We left there quickly.

Another time, me and my sister again, Valdirene, we were going in another street prostitution zone. only this time, we were in a sort of glass wagon. The creatures threw darts at us, but made up the glass and turned away from us.

The Spirit of God revealed to me that when we pass by places oppressed by demons, we run the risk of being roped, suffering, oppressed by the spirits that dwell there. However, if we are coated with the dome of the Spirit of God, every arrow launched against us shall prosper.