Sunday, August 31, 2014


08.30.2014, I and the pastor Catarino, more brother Ricardo, were on the Word of Life Church, in Guaruja, participating in the Conference on ecclesiology with the presence of the writer Abraham de Almeida. When we were leaving, a man who later learned that John was the pastor, very simple man who was in the church parking lot, asked if I was a pastor and I said no, he was a brother. He then started talking saying Peter fished all night and did not get any fish, when he left the sea and went back to the beach, Jesus sent him back to the sea, and there he caught so many fish that the boat almost sinks .... . Jesus is sending you back to the sea .... He knows their disappointments were many, family breakdown, but this time his coming restore things ...

After the so John asked to lay hands on my head and prayed him saying, Lord you know that he has been hiding in the caves of the earth. Said many other things that I do not remember.


I've been a pastor for more than seven years, and left the ministry, and worse, swerved me the Gospel. Returned to Christ a few years ago, but still struggle against certain sorrows, besides divorced me and I lost custody of my daughters, for more than 10 years. God commands me I return to preach. 'm Preaching to mosquitoes at the site, recording videos and posting on the Internet.


On the night of 08/31/2014 dreamed of 3 flying dragons who pursued me. I and two friends ran for Itararé beach in Sao Vicente. Actually one was the dragon, the other two were holographic images. I ended the dream of escaping the clutches of the dragon, but it was short .... (Scribe Valdemir)