Thursday, September 26, 2013



I dreamed of a house in San Vicente, near the beach. The dream had three stages: In the first stage, the house was in ruins, but had a huge plot and I used the land for parking private vehicles and also used as a driver. In the second stage I was killing a girl cutting her throat with a table knife. Someone came and I caught murdering her. The boy tried to arrest me, and I jumped a fence and ran away, but thought to myself, he will report me, the cameras on the street, will record my image passing through here, I will be arrested soon. In the third stage of the dream the house was packed and I was at a party with several friends and relatives, including Valdirene and Onorival, Oronival further commented that the Mota family had many prophets. It emerged a girl with many pimples on his face and was the Mota family.